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Tyumen Region

Founded: 1944

Governor: Vladimir Yakushev

Population: 3,430,196 (2010 census)

Area: 1,435,200 square km (553,987 sq. miles)

Capital: Tyumen (population 580,223), 2000 km from Moscow

Federal district: Urals

Economic region: West Siberia

Time zone:  Moscow +2, GMT +5, EST +10

Geography: Tyumen Region occupies a large part of western Siberia and is part of both European and Asiatic Russia.  Two autonomous districts, Khanty-Mansiisk and Yamalo-Nenets are part of the region. The Ob and Irtysh rivers flow through the region.

Urban population: 77%,  Rural population: 23%

Ethnic make-up: more than 125 nationalities including Russians, Ukrainians (8.4%), Tatars (7.3%), Belarussians (1.6%) and Bashkirs (1.3%)

Economy: Tyumen Region ranks first in Russia in industrial output. The oil and gas industry is the foundation of the regional economy. A well-developed oil refining industry supplies light hydrocarbon feedstock to the country's petrochemical industry. Agricultural organizations specialize in the production of milk, eggs, greenhouse vegetables, fishing and reindeer herding.

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