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Sverdlovsk Region

Founded: 1934

Governor: Alexander Misharin

Population: 4,393,797 (2010 census)

Capital: Yekaterinburg (population 1,383,700), 1,667 km from Moscow

Other major cities: Nizhny Tagil (population 372,800), Kamensk-Uralsky (179,100), Pervouralsk (134,300)

Federal district: Urals

Economic region: Urals

Time zone: Moscow +2, GMT +5, EST +10

Geography: Most of Sverdlovsk region is located on the Western Siberian Plain. The highest mountains in the area are part of the North Urals. Principal rivers include the Tavda, the Tura, the Chusovaya and the Ufa.  The Sverdlovsk Oblast borders on the republics of Komi Republic, Khanti-Mansiisk, and Bashkortostan.

Urban population: 88%,  Rural population: 12%

Ethnic make-up: more than 148 ethnic groups, including Russians(89%), Tatars (3.75%), Ukrainians (1.2%) and Bashkirs (0.8%).

Economy: Sverdlovsk is one of Russia's leading financial centers. Thirty-one independent commercial banks and 20 branches of intercity banks currently operate in Ektaterinburg, as well as the Ural Regional Currency Exchange.  The predominant regional industries are engineering and metalworking, closely followed by timber and mining.

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