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Novosibirsk Region

Founded: 1937

Governor: Vasily Yurchenko

Federation Council representatives: Alexei Bespalikov (2010 to 2015) and Victor Kosourov (2006 to 2015)

Population: 2,649,871 (2010 census)

Capital: Novosibirsk (population 1,409,837), 3,191 km from Moscow

Federal district: Siberian

Economic region: West Siberia

Time: Moscow +3, GMT +6, EST +11

Geography: Novosibirsk is located in the western part of Siberia, between the Ob and Irtysh rivers. Novosibirsk borders Kazakhstan as well as the Omsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo and Altai regions. Lakes occupy more than 5 percent of its territory, including Chany Lake, one of the largest lakes in the world.

Urban population: 75%,  Rural population: 25%

Ethnic make-up: Russians (92%) also a large minority of Germans.

Economy: Almost half of the land in the region is agricultural, with major crops including grain, potatoes, vegetables, flax, milk, eggs, wool, beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. Horse breeding, beekeeping, and fur and fish farming also contribute to the economy. 80 percent of the industrial potential of the oblast is concentrated in Novosibirsk, where leading industries include machine-building and metal-processing and polymers. Novosibirsk contains the highest concentration of business activity and banking capital in the region. In the city there are over 30 banks, the Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange and 46 offices of foreign companies.

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