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Founded: 1147.

Mayor: Sergei Sobyanin (appointed in 2010)

Population:  10,562,000 (2010)

Territory:  1,080 square km (417 sq. miles)

Federal district: Central

Economic region: Central

Time zone:  GMT +3, EST +8

Geography: Moscow is located in the center of European Russia. The Moscow River along with the Volga Canal are the major waterways in the city.

Economy: Moscow is the largest economic, political, and scientific center of Russia. The city's wealth of scientific, technical, and industrial potential form the basis of its economy. The many large industrial enterprises that operate within the city represent various industry sectors, including engineering, metalworking, building materials, and defense.  Moscow is also one of the largest transportation centers in Russia and Eastern Europe.  Banking and finance are also important sectors of Moscow's economy.

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