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Kirov Region

Founded: 1934

Governor: Nikita Belykh

Federation Council representatives: Nikolai Shakleyn (2009 to 2014) and Andrei Khazin (2006 to 2011)

Population: 1,391,059 (2010 census)

Capital: Kirov (population 485,893), 896 km from Moscow

Federal district: Volga

Economic region: Volga

Time zone: Moscow +1, GMT +4, EST +9

Geography: Kirov region is located in central European Russia. The region shares a border with Tatarstan, the Republic of Mari El, and the Volgograd and Arkhangelsk regions.

Urban population: 72%, Rural population: 28%

Economy: Kirov is primarily an industrial region. Major industries include engineering, metalworking and chemical processing. Agricultural land occupies 27% of the region's territory and the most important crops are wheat, rye and barley and oats grown for fodder.

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